Work is for those that
do not know how to plunder!

Avast ye Scurvy Dogs! Thar be booty plunderin' to do!

I be Captain Christophe d'Vincenzo of the SS Guttersnipe, but you can call me Capt'n Vinny. You have either been willfully conscripted into my service or Shanghai'd against your will. Nevertheless, welcome aboard! Yar!

Answers from the Captains Quarters

Should I bring me kids?
Best to leave the wee ones at home as this sailn' venture not be rated [PG], it be rated [Arrrrrrr]!

How do I contact the Captn' ?
Message in a bottle at: info at boulderpiratecon dot org

Why not the offical day of the 19th?
Aye! Good question jim lad. Because Pirtes get a bad case of ye Monday's and we enjoy plundering on the weekends!

Have ya heard the one about the Pirate and....?
Avast, aye be hearing every bloody pirate joke thar be. Tell me one more and ye be walkn' the plank!

What about me nurishment and drink?
If Pirates drink too much ale, they can get sea sick! A good Pirate eats as well as drinks! Ask your barmaid for some gruel to keep your strength up. A Pirate also needs plenty o' water to keep the 'ol bilge pump working properly. Yar har! Keep your intake of water up or you may capsize!

Where we be meeting?
Everywhere! Set your sails for one of the fine establishments on the navigation page and weigh anchor there! They be marked with the black pirate flag! Pirates be all over that evening going from place to place and you'll find yourself aboard one of many pirate crews that evening! Look to the Navigation Charts to see our sailing orders!

How much does it cost?
The event be free, but you will have to pay at the ports, if ya want to help out the Captn's expenses, he be much obliged.